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AAGT Geronimo Trigger- From Airborne Arms LLC


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The Geronimo trigger (named in honor of the 509th Airborne infantry regiment) is a single stage trigger with a precision style lineage. However, it is a trigger design all its own. The Geronimo trigger features M.S.A.T. technology (Modular Shooter Adaptive Trigger Technology) which allows for the adaptation of weapon (or, more specifically, trigger in this case) to shooter. This is achieved through adjustments in everything from hammer/trigger springs (trigger pull weight) to the patent pending, 7075-T6, anodized Aluminum replacement trigger bows. The AAGT system is supplied with a straight trigger bow (anodized red) but, other styles, as well as colors are in the works and will be released shortly. These will fit both smaller hand/stature shooters (as well as large). This technological advancement in the trigger design will improve user accuracy overall, and improve split times between shots and improve user accuracy in more rapid strings of fire for most shooters, all while reducing overall weight of the rifle. This trigger system aims to be the most “complete” system available, featuring not only the individually hand ground and matched fire control group, but also including multiple springs (for modifying trigger pull weight) and oversized anti walk/rotation pins. Reserve yours today and see for yourself why product testers and 3 gun competition shooters are saying that the AAGT trigger system is, “The absolute BEST trigger for under $200 on the market.” and claiming that it’s “a firearms technology breakthrough”



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