DFA AR-MP9 w/ Pistol Kit

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SKU:MP9/Pistol Kit


MP9/Pistol Kit


This kit comes with the DFA AR-MP9 Upper and the Pistol Kit that you choose. 

If you choose the 2.5 kit, it will come with a modified 9mm full auto/Endo Mag/Colt/MP5 bcg.

4 inch kits will come with a full length 9mm full auto/Endo Mag/Colt/MP5 bcg. 


The Dead Foot Arms AR-MP9 is a Complete Direct Blowback Upper Receiver chambered in 9MM. The FORWARD charging upper receiver will attach to most AR9 and AR15 lower receivers. The included FULL AUTO compatible 9MM BCG will work with Glock, Colt, Endo, and MP5 magazines.

The Upper also comes with MP5 Blade style front sight and rear sight drum, MP5 Wide style polymer forearm, and 3 Lug Adapter.

Weight: 3lb 6oz  (With full size BCG)  3 lb 1.4 oz (With DFA MCS BCG)
Caliber: 9MM
Barrel Length: 8.3”
Barrel Thread: 1⁄2-28
AR9 BCG (Glock, Colt, Endo, and MP5 Compatible)
Billet Upper Receiver
Aluminum Components: Hardcoat Anodize – Type III Class 2
Steel Components: Black Nitride


Dead Foot Arms MCS AR-Pistol Kit is our complete short tube conversion kit. Length Reduction: Reduce the length of your buffer tube by over 5". The 2.55" MCS Buffer Tube is the shortest for the AR-9 platform.


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