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The SCW 4 Rifle Stock is an extremely compact PDW Style Stock which utilizes the patented Dead Foot Arms LLC Modified Cycle System and any standard M16 style bolt carrier group.
Collapsed length of the stock is 3.9″. While compact, it is still very versatile, allowing for button free stock deployment and 6 length of pull settings. At full extension, length reaches 12.6” from trigger, keeping it comfortable for shooters of all sizes.
The SCW 4 Stock features an ergonomic design that uses dual rails that are offset to not interfere with weapon controls or function. System includes complete stock assembly, receiver extension, adjustment rail, plunger/recoil springs, and plunger. System weight is 18 oz.
*NOTE- this product does not require a shortened M16 style BCG, thus no bolt carrier group is sold with this kit.
Compatible with most Rifle Caliber AR-15 pistols and rifles in calibers of: .223, .223Wylde, 5.56, 300 BO, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel, .458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf. BCG needs to have an internal rear cavity of at least 0.62 inches in diameter to work with the MCS. For CMMG Radial Delay you will need to order the Rifle Caliber version.
NOTE: When "FoldAR Upper" in the drop down is selected, the SCW2.5 kit will come with a shortened bar that will not interfere with the FoldAR Upper when folded and the bar is completely collapsed. Also comes with the FoldAR SCW Set Screw and Magnet Catch.
Upgraded features from GEN 1:
-Left-handed cheek rest
-Dual anti-rotation QD Mounts
-Hard stop at last LOP
-Dual rails for added stability

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