New Product Announcement- SCW (Sub Compact Weapon) Stock and Pistol Brace

Posted by Russell Simonis on Jul 23rd 2019

New Product Alert: The SCW (Subcompact Weapon) Stock and Pistol Brace System. We are excited to announce a new product line that will be released in 2019, the SCW Stock and SCW Pistol Brace.  The SCW will be offered as a rifle stock and pistol brace, in two variations: SCW 2.5 and SCW 4.  Both versions feature our patented modified cycle system technology.  The SCW 2.5 features our short MCS Bolt Carrier Group, collapses to an incredible 2.5" and is the shortest PDW style stock/brace system ever to be introduced to the AR-15 platform, beating out all comparable products by over 1.5". The SCW 4 is a new twist on the MCS being that it can be used with a full length bolt carrier group, and thus, will not require purchase of a BCG from Dead Foot Arms (no BCG will be included with the SCW 4).  At 4" fully collapsed, it is still the shortest PDW system ever to be released for the AR-15 platform, and now only to be edged out by the SCW 2.5.   First images of the SCW Pistol Brace will be release during Triggrcon 2019, on July 26th, 2019 Please see the attached information paper for more details.  Questions can be directed via email to