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Pistol Kit 5.25" Kit

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$160.00 - $185.00


SKU:PK- 5.25


PK- 5.25


The 5.25 Pistol kit utilizes KAK Industry’s CQC Short Buffer System and any standard AR15 Bolt
Carrier Group/AR Pistol Caliber Bolt.

Collapsed length is 5.25′′ off the rear of the lower receiver. The pistol kit is a great option to start
with. You can upgrade any DFA Pistol Kit to a SCW or Underfolder at any time; allowing the
end user great versatility.

System includes complete receiver extension, end plate with QD port, short buffer, and flatwire
buffer spring. System weight without buffer is 7 oz.

Buffer Weights:
Rifle Caliber Carbine – 2.5oz, Rifle Caliber Heavy – 3.3oz.
Pistol Caliber Carbine – 3.7oz, Pistol Caliber Heavy – 4.6oz, Pistol Caliber H2 – 5.5oz.

*NOTE- this product does not require a shortened AR15 Bolt Carrier Group/AR Pistol Caliber
Bolt, thus no bolt carrier group is sold with this kit.

Compatible with most AR-15s in calibers of: .223, .223Wylde, 5.56, 300 BO, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC,
6.5 Grendel, .458 SOCOM, 50 Beowulf, 9MM, 45 ACP, and 40 S&W.

The Pistol Caliber Buffers feature an extended design, making them compatible with PCC Bolts
while also increasing reliability and preventing over travel, resulting in an extremely smooth and
highly efficient function.